MEDIA RELEASE: Keneally caught out on Medicare claims

Kristina Keneally has serious questions to answer about her claims regarding Medicare. 
Official data from the Department of Human Services shows that in the week before the October long weekend, not a single person waited over an hour at the Ryde Service Centre in the week that Kristina Keneally claimed she had an hour’s wait.  Not one person. 
Indeed the average waiting time for that week was less than 13 minutes – almost five times faster than the now utterly discredited Keneally claim. 
Here are the official stats: 

Medicare Figures Nov 2017.JPG

Ms Keneally should immediately apologise for misleading voters. 
The people of Bennelong can’t trust Kristina Keneally. The people of New South Wales can’t trust Kristina Keneally. 
Labor continues to peddle disgraceful lies about Medicare. 
The reality is that Australians are getting more access to Medicare services under the Turnbull Government – with bulk billing and government spending at all-time highs. 
Figures released today show that bulk billing for the September quarter was 85.9 per cent – significantly higher than Labor’s 82.2% when they were last in Government.  
And we’re spending more than ever before on Medicare – with record funding increasing each and every year from $23 billion in 2017-18, to $24 billion, to $26 billion to $28 billion in 202021. Spending under Labor was $19.5 billion in 2012-13.  
Kristina Keneally has been caught out.